Nutrition and Snack Policy

Fresh fruit and vegetables are highly encouraged as a classroom snack. Other acceptable items include: beef/turkey jerky, yogurt covered raisins, cheese, sunflower kernels & raisins, figs, and edamame.  Please note that there is not a “designated” time for snack rather your child will snack during a center time or break out time in class. I would encourage all students to bring a water bottle daily.  Please ensure that the water bottle can be easily closed (preferably not a screw on lid as these can easily spill).

Due to severe school wide allergies, we are a Nut Free Campus, please do not send any nut products with your child’s lunch (trail mix, PB & J sandwiches, PB & J Ritz crackers, etc.) For ideas on nut item substitutions, please see the attached Nutrition Policy. Thank you for your understanding.

Foods of minimal nutrition value are discouraged at San Tan and may be subject to confiscation by school personnel during the school day. Minimal nutritional value foods will not be sold, served, or given out as free promotion anywhere on school property at any time during the school day:

Foods of minimal nutritional value (FMNV) as defined by U.S. Department of Agriculture regulations that are subject to confiscation are:

  • All food and beverage items listing sugar, in any form, as the first ingredient (including soda and carbonated beverages); and
  • All forms of candy.