Language Arts

Daily 5

Read to Self- The research continually shows that the very best way to become a better reader is to practice, practice, practice! We start with the 3 ways to read a book which isreading the pictures, reading the words, and retelling a story. Your child will read books at his/her “just right” level each day, practicing reading strategies taught from our mini lessons. Reading is FUN!



Read to Someone- Reading to someone helps develop reading fluency and comprehension, and it’s FUN! We first learn how to sit E.E.K.K (elbow to elbow and knee to knee) when reading to someone.  Later in the year we will learn how to help a friend with a word they may not know by asking if they need coaching or time.

Listen to Reading-Listening to reading helps children develop reading fluency. It also allows them to access texts that they can’t read independently yet. And of course, it’s FUN! This can be listening to a teacher, parent, or older buddy read a story. It can also be a story online, leap pad, or story on CD.

Work on Writing- Just like it takes practice, practice, practice to become a better reader, it takes practice, practice, practice to become a better writer! During Work on Writing your child will work on writing of their own choice which may include a story, list, card, picture with labels, etc… Working on writing is FUN! We will also have a separate Writer’s Workshop later in the day to work on specific forms of writing.


Work with Words-Working with words helps children become better spellers and writers. Your child will learn about word families, practice high frequency words using play dough, stamps, tiles, whiteboards, movable alphabet, all of which helps them practice spelling and fine motor skills in a FUN way!




Sight Words, Sight Words, Sight Words!! Practice, Practice, Practice!!

Sight word activities



Alphabet/word study:




Sight Word List

Click on the link to access the sight word list. Below are some activities that are fun to help your child with reading and spelling sight words. There will be no formal tests on sight words, but you will see an improvement in your child’s reading!


Write your sight words in sand, salt, or shaving cream

Jump rope for each letter of the word

Create a sight word BINGO

Have your child create a silly story using sight words they choose

Sight Word Jenga

More ideas to follow! Whatever works best for your family!